Founded in 2009, Poth Productions, or “PP” as it is fondly referred to by its audiences, is Sydney’s

leading non-profit creative cultural organisation blending Bangladeshi, South Asian and Western artistic

influences to deliver original musical, theatrical and visually engaging stage shows at community events.

PP are trailblazers of cultural fusion, passionately portraying moving, bold and contemporary

topics or familiar themes that are close to our hearts, from a distinctly unique perspective. Its creative

team draws on a diverse, multicultural taste in music, dance, and art design. Its artisans craft exquisite

props and lavish sets. Its technicians innovatively integrate striking and vivid audio visuals using cutting-

edge technology. Its storytellers experiment with original narrative structures for maximum engagement

with audiences. Its dynamic performers deliver on stage with conviction, zeal, power and panache. The

result is a spectacular and unparalleled experience for viewers

PP is the Official Cultural Partner for the largest annual Bengali Boishaki Mela (carnival) held at

Sydney Olympic Park and sponsored by the Bangabandhu Council of Australia. This iconic event is

attended by more than 15,000 visitors each year. PP’s performance team has also participated in

Parramasala 2015. As a structured organisation with skilled strategy and executive teams, PP has

independently organised an extravagant concert and musical evening featuring prominent and popular

musicians from Bangladesh. The success of this event in 2013 has inspired PP’s organising committee to

take its unique value proposition to entertain to a broader subcontinental demographic.

As part of its commitment to promote popular fusion music and multiculturalism within the

community, PP is proud to present popular Bollywood music director “Pritam Live in Concert ~ Sydney”

on March 12, 2016 at the Whitlam Leisure Centre, Liverpool. Additionally, PP has been exploring motion

picture as a viable medium for its future offerings. It is currently involved in the production of a Bengali

telefilm due to be released in mid 2016.

PP invites you to come aboard or follow in its pioneering journey, as it paves creative paths and

builds cultural bridges.